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1.1 HVAC and R, Process Automation, and Instruments for Measurements.
1.2 Kimo Portables-2017
1.3 Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Velocity and Related. 
2.1 Kimo Transmitters 2017
2.2 Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Velocity and Related. 
3.1 Kimo Temperature Probes and Temperature Data Sheets.
4.1 Kimo-Kigaz Boiler Efficiency Analyzer and Application Notes.
5.1 Kimo-Sound Meters-Dosi Meters-Noise and Sound Analysis 2017
6.1 Kimo-Dosimeters-2017 Sound and Noise Analysis.
7.1 Kimo Data Logger, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Lux, Pressure, and related. Software and CFR 21 Compliance.
7.2 Normal
8.1 Kistock Wire Less-RF Data Logger
9.1Manometer and Related-Liquid Column.
10.1 Sauermann-Kimo Condensate Pumps for
10.2 HVAC, AC, Ducts, Freezers, Food Markets, Refrigeration,
10.3 Boiler Condensate, and Related.
11.1 Petz Industries GmbH-Germany.
11.2 Atex Certified Actuators for HVAC
11.3 Atex Certified Sensors for HVAC-Temp and Humidity.
11.4 Atex Certified Switches and Stats for HVAC-Temp and Humidity
12.1 CS Instruments-Flow Meters and Dew Point
12.2 Compressed Air and Gases. Up to 350 Bar and Atex Types.
12.3 Energy Analysis for Compressed Air and Gases.
13.1 ACS Germany Sensors and Control Systems-Master Catalogue
13.2 Ex-EEX-ATEX and Safe Zone Instruments
13.3 Pressure, temp, Velocity, Flow, and Level. Up to 1,000 BAR
14.1 ACS Germany Sensors and Control Systems Section Wise
14.2 Total 9 Sections.
14.3 Down Load Any Section as required.
14.4 1. Pressure Sensors and Switches.
14.5 2. Level Sensors and Switches.
14.6 3. Flow Meters and Sensors.
14.7 4. Fill Level Sensors.
14.8 5. Temperature.
14.9 6. Visualization and Data Logging.
14.10 7. Water and Flood Level-Effluent Treatment Plants.
14.11 8. Sensor and Safety Switches-Proximity Types.
14.12 9. Calibration.
15.1 ACS Germany Sensors and Control Systems
15.2 Leaflets, Data Sheets, Application Information.
16.1 Schaller Humidity and Mositure Meters for Food, Grain, Paper, Wood, Bio Mass, Wood Pellets, Leather, and Related
17.1 Tools for Electrical Professionals.
17.2 IDEM Machine Safety Switchs.
17.3 Atex, Ex, EEX, Conveyor, Mining, Petro, Chemical,
17.4 Fetilizer, and Gate with Trapped Key Inter Lock.
17.5 Elevators. Also in Stain Less Steel of IP69 for Ships and Off Shore Oil and Gas. Belt Sway and Belt Rope Pulls Switch for conveyors. Pharma applications, pharma machines, and related.
18.1 Cutting Tools High Resolution.
18.2 Crimping Tools High Resolution.
18.3 Stripping Tools High Resolution.
18.4 Insulated Tools High Resolution.
18.5 All of the above in Low Resolution.
18.6 Customer can down load as required.
19.1 Intercable
19.2 Tools for Electrical professionals.
19.3 Cut-Crimp and Stripping Tools.
19.4 PPE and Related.
19.5 Insulated Tools.
19.6 Working under live voltages.
20.1 HT Master Catalogue
20.2 Electrical, Solar, Test and Measurement, Tools for Electrical professionals. Insulation Tester.
20.3 Power Quality Analysis. Solar Power Quality Testers.
20.4 Digital Multi Meter, Clamp Meter, Thermal Imaging.
21.1 Hubner-Giessen 2017
21.2 Documentation for Encoders, Speed Switch
21.3 U-One, FG2, FG40, EGS, and ERC 40.
21.4 Systems for Crane and Hoist Position Control.
21.5 Mining, Conveyors, Shovels, Stackers, BWE and Related.
21.6 Underground Mining Equipment.
21.7 Electronic CAM Switches with Relays-Programmable.
22.1 Radio Remote Controls and RCC for
22.2 Cranes and Machines.
23.1 Wind Anemometers
23.2 Wind Vanes-Direction
23.3 Soft Starter and Drive Technology for LV, MV and HT Motors.
24.1 Low Voltage Soft Starters for Motors Up to and > 415VAC
24.2 Ecostart. Up to 630kW and 690Volts.
24.3 Ecobrake. Up to 250kW. Electronic DC Injection Brake
24.4 Ecostart for Cranes. Long and Cross Travel.
24.5 Ecostart for Power Controller-Heater Control.
24.6 Low Voltage Digital Soft Starters.
25.1 Solcon MV Soft Starter Documentation from 1.1kW to 50 Mega Watts from 415VAC to 11,000 Volts AC (11KV).
26.1 Medium Voltage Drive Start.
26.2 For Starting Large Motors with very low currents.
26.3 For Cement Bills, Ball Mills, Crushing, and Mining Applications.
27.1 Digital Medium Voltage and Low Voltage.
27.2 Thyrister Power Controllers.
27.3 For Heater and Related Applications.
28.1 Addressable gas detectors GS-300 N Datasheet
28.2 Addressable gas detectors GS-ADR Datasheet
28.3 Analogue gas detectors GS-220 Datasheet
28.4 Analogue gas detectors GS-300 A Datasheet
28.5 Gas controllers GA-300 Datasheet
28.6 Gas controllers GA-ADR Datasheet
28.7 Domestic gas detectors H-220 Datasheet

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