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Various Types Of Industrial Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

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Multi-Parameter Transmitters

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Humidity transmitters

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Air velocity transmitters

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Temperature transmitters

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CO2 Sensors / Transmitters

CO Sensors and Transmitters

CO transmitters

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Solar radiation transmitters

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Lux transmitters



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Software & Apps

Most people might not be aware of transmitters. Well, transmitters are nothing but an electronic device that is designed to convert the electrical signal from the transducer into larger electrical signals over a long distance.

In short, in the world of process control, a transmitter is defined as a device that converts the signal produced by the sensor into a standard signal. The signal represents a process variable that can be easily measured as well as controlled.

Previously, in process control the standard instrumentation signal was pneumatic but now it is an electrical signal.

One should never be confused between a transmitter and a transducer. It goes without saying that in process control, transducer and transmitter are not the same things. As mentioned earlier, a transmitter can convert the signal from the sensor to the Process Variable (PV) signals, which is a physical measured variable.

The four most important variables that are measured by a transmitter are – Temperature, Pressure, Air Flow/ Velocity, and Level.

Types of Transmitters

Transmitters can be divided into different types depending on the process application. The easy way to understand a transmitter is to look into the various groups. They are – types, process information, and signal production.

The transmitter plays a significant role across various industries and application processes. Some of the most common types of transmitters are:

  • Pressure Transmitters

These transmitters can measure the pressure in different processes.

  • Humidity Transmitters

The humidity transmitter can measure the level of humidity in the atmosphere.

  • CO2 Transmitters

Measuring the amount of CO2 content in the air is possible through a CO2 transmitter.

  • Air Velocity Transmitters

The air velocity transmitter measures the flow of air in various applications.

  • Temperature Transmitters

The temperature transmitter allows the conversion of temperature-dependent voltage to other output signals.

  • CO Transmitters

Checking the concentration of carbon monoxide in any place is possible through the CO transmitters.

These are some basic transmitters that are used by the process instrumentation industry. In case you want to know about the other varieties, talk to the experts of Kimo Instruments. We would be more than happy to help you get the right transmitter product! Give us a call now!

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