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Solar radiation transmitters

Lux Meter: The Best Device For Meticulous Solar Radiation Measurement

Solar Radiation Measuring Instruments
CR 110 Solar radiation transmitter

CR 110 Solar radiation transmitter

Kimo’s CR 110 measures solar power from 0 to 1,500 w/m2.

Also known as a pyranometer, a solar radiation sensor is used for measuring solar radiation flux density and broadband solar irradiance. In simpler terms, these devices are able to measure the power of the heat and light of the sunlight.

When kept on a flat surface, a pyranometer can identify and measure solar radiation. It works by taking into account the number of photons. When these small units of light hit the chemical and physical devices located inside the Solar Radiation Measurement instrument, the machine starts to measure the radiation. You do not need any power sources to make these devices work as the components of the device react to the solar radiation directly.

The Kimo instrument offers two types of solar radiation sensors.

  • PAR sensor: This type of Solar Radiation Meter can measure radiation created through photosynthetic activity. Most of the devices can measure radiation within the 400 to 700 NM range.
  • Thermopile sensor: This type of Solar Radiation Meter generally comes with a black coating. The sensor is created for absorbing solar radiation and providing a flat spectrum that ranges from 0 to 1500 W/M2. Generally, the parameters can detect diffused radiation as well as direct ones. The radiation absorbed by the sensors is converted to heat. That heat then flows from the sensor to the device's housing. The dome placed on the Thermocouple sensor helps to protect it from convection.

Where do the Solar Radiation Sensors can be used?

Solar radiation sensors are used in meteorology, climatology, physics, and Solar Energy Studies. However, these sensors can also be used in weather stations to indicate the amount of total sunshine. The Solar Panel installers also use this device to check out the output from the solar panels. These Solar Radiation Measurement devices can also help to predict the electricity and gas energy uses. It can be used to quantify the level of plant growth in agriculture, park and golf course maintenance, and irrigation scheduling.

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