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CO2 Sensors / Transmitters

Get Remote Indication Of Carbon Dioxide Level Through CO2 Sensors / Transmitters

CO2 transmitters
CO 112 CO2 sensor / transmitter

CO 112 CO2 sensor / transmitter

CO2 sensors allow you to measure carbon dioxide. Kimo’s CO 112 measures CO2 from 0 to 5,000 ppm.

COT 212-R  Temperature and CO2 sensor

COT 212-R Temperature and CO2 sensor

Kimo’s COT 212-R measures CO2 from 0 to 20,000 ppm and temperature from 0 to 50°C.

CO2ST-S CO2 stats

CO2ST-S CO2 stats

CO2 sensors allow you to measure carbon dioxide. Kimo’s CO2ST measures CO2.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is known to exist in the atmosphere in high amounts. In natural ambient air, the amount of CO2 present is 400 ppm. This gas gets mixed with the ambient air of a room or a place that is properly ventilated. When a person inhales it, one might feel sleepy or might fail to concentrate. It can be said that a high level of CO2 can be very bad for the health of a person and also for the environment. To ensure the carbon dioxide content in the air is not high, a CO2 sensor could turn out to be of great help.

CO2 Transmitter

A CO2 transmitter is nothing but a co2 meter that helps to determine the level of carbon dioxide content in the air. They come with a high-precision CO2 sensor that allows accurate carbon dioxide measurement. Also, they should be able to support the switching relays the moment the assigned value of carbon dioxide exceeds.

It is crucial to monitor the CO2 level of a room from time to time along with the other parameters, i.e. temperature and humidity. Based on the reading, appropriate measures could be taken so that the air quality could be improved.

For monitoring the air quality, the wall-mounted or portable co2 detector is just ideal. They can be powered through batteries or by a USB port. The co2 transmitters or better be said co2 meter must be designed in such a way so that they can support data storage and data transfer. One should be able to seamlessly transfer the data result to a computer.

Some demanding use of CO2 sensors includes offices, lecture halls, conference rooms, etc where HVAC-R instruments are installed or demand control ventilation is needed.

Kimo Instruments is proud to offer professional-grade co2 meters that can easily track the air quality of a room having an HVAC system and offer an accurate reading of the air pollutant CO2. Our co2 meter can be easily wall-mounted.

The robust co2 detector is known to offer smooth operation even in harsh environments, such as packaging industries, cold storage rooms, food production facilities, etc. However, a CO2 sensor can also protect employees working at plants for generating energy or at workshops. They can alert people about the high amount of carbon dioxide gas in an area.

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