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Lux transmitters

Advanced Lux Meter for High Precision Light Measurement

Lux transmitters
LR 110 Light sensor / transmitter

LR 110 Light sensor / transmitter

Kimo’s LR 110 light sensor has a measuring range from 0 to 10,000 lux.

Light distribution and illuminance play a crucial role in factors like occupational safety and performance. With the help of a smart Lux Metre, you can ensure optimum interior light conditions. It will help you to make sure that a certain standard of illumination is met. The Digital Lux Meter can make a surprising difference in surgical theatre in the studio of a photographer.

The device comes with a sensor that measures The Light That falls on the Light Meter. In this way, it provides the users with a meticulous illuminance reading. These handheld devices offered by haemo instruments are used for calculating proper light exposure. However, these devices are also used to verify and measure light levels in the building environment.

Digital Lux Meter is an especially important tool if you are measuring lights to avoid over-illumination, which can lead to waste of energy.

One of the advantages of using a Lux Metre is that you can calibrate the device when and as required. Why is this point important? Because the eyesight of one person is different from another one. The Light Meter helps you to determine whether the light source is right for your eyesight.

How to Measure Light Intensity Using a Lux Meter?

  • Measure The Ambient Light: To measure the ambient lighting, turn off all the lights of the room, where you will be taking the measurements. Turn on the Lux Metre to set up the baseline measurement.
  • Turn On the Lights: Now, turn the lights of the room on and measure the central area. You should not rust route the process. Give the light a couple of moments to reach its full brightness before taking the measurements.
  • Note the differential reading: Now, all you need to do is to subtract the baseline measurement from the illuminated one. The measurement that you get is the existing illuminance of the lights of your room. In this way, you can assess the existing illuminance with the optimally required lighting levels.
  • Check The Blind Spots for Consistency: While the reading of the lux meter should be consistent, there is no harm in taking the measurements of the corners and other blinds spots of your room or office space. Are you trying to find a Digital Lux Meter? We are more than happy to help your venture. Call us right away.

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