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Clamp-on sensor PTV

Clamp-on sensor PTV

Temperature measurement of media in pipelines

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  • no dead room - 100% hygienic
  • free of dubious heat sink compounds
  • fast response
  • smallest dimensions
  • fast installation
  • easy validation
  • calibrateable
  • measuring transducer 4...20mA optional
Application description

The sensor with integrated strain relief is produced with a contact plane of a silver basis (Ag) and is adapted to the radius of the respective pipeline. Besides the style adapted measuring plane an adjustable spring mechanism ensures best measuring results without the need for heat sink compounds. The technology of this miniaturezed 4-wire Pt100 sensor with a shielded silicone/PTFE cable is the core of our new development and meets the quality requirements that are demanded especially in the sterile technology in the fields food and pharmacy. Pipeline covering plastic clamps (POM) for the installation of the temperature sensor at the pipe outside diameter are deliverable at present fom DN8 to DN100. For replacing the sensor element the clamp must be opend only partially with a screw. The clamp remains meanwhile at the tube. By this an easy validation is ensured, where the "PTV" can be dipped directly into the testing liquid by the cable. For further pipeline diameters there can be delivered also tube band in high-grade steel. Furthermore a miniaturized measuring transducer that can be integrated into the measuring pipeline is available.

The mini-clamp-on temperature sensors "PTV" allows the measurement of the process temperature in the pipeline with only minor (unavoidable) temperature deviation.

For guarantee the long-term operational safety of our pipeline sensors every sensor is tested in a extensive test program before delivery.

After completion the basic sensor all pipeline sensors run a temperature-cycle-test with measuring-value-recording all 30 seconts: 

15 temperature cycles: 5 minutes 140°C (in oil)

20 minutes cool cown at environmental temperature

After adaption of the sensor to the needed pipeline radius, an end check with a further test with 15 temperature cylcles and also measuring-value-recording identically to the first measurement. 

After finishing the endurance test there is proceeded as final step the test of the pipeline sensor measurement accuracy at 0°C.

Technische Daten

Messelement:    Platinwiderstandselement Pt100

Messtemperatur:    bis 140°C

Toleranzklasse:    Klasse A, gemäß DIN EN 60751


    1x Pt100 in 4-Leiter-Schaltung

    4...20 mA / 20...4 mA mit Leitungstransmitter LTN-500

Montageart:    Anlegefühler mit spezieller Schelle

Anschlussart:    Silicon/PTFE Kabel mit Abschirmung; andere auf Anfrage



    Messfläche:    Silber Ag

    Fühlergehäuse:    Polyamid

    Schelle:    POM; andere auf Anfrage


Schutzart:     IP68