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CO/CO2 probes For class 310 sensors

CO/CO2 probes For class 310 sensors

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide leaks can be dangerous if they are not detected. Kimo's CO/CO2 probes measure carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels. They have a measuring range for CO of 0 to 500 ppm, 0 to 5,000 ppm (20,000 ppm on request) for CO2, and 0 to +50°C.

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Units °C, ppm
Measuring ranges
SCO2 0.00 ppm ... 5000.00 ppm
SCO2 0.00 °C ... 50.00 °C
SCCO 0.00 ppm ... 5000.00 ppm
SCCO 0.00 °C ... 50.00 °C
Technical Details
Parameters CO CO2 Temprature
Bluetooth® No