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Compressor-pressure monitoring system in firehouse
Compressor-pressure monitoring system in firehouse

Compressor-pressure monitoring system in firehouse

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General and strict safeguards for man and machine in fire stations are a top priority to ensure the application for security of all participants. But the tireless efforts of firefighters do not end with the firefighting job. A continuing review of materials, vehicles, tools, equipment and work clothing is required.

Measuring systems of ACS can support the monitoring process here. At the plants greater demands are being placed. Trouble-free and automated technical processes with alarm management have a direct positive impact on the quality of work and working time.

With the pressure sensor Precont KT and the digital process indicator DPA by ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH a system solution for the air compressor monitoring for the brake lines in fire engines was developed.

The pressure of the compressed air compressor, at which the fire-brigade vehicles are connected must be monitored. The safe use of the vehicles can be ensured only in a certain pressure range. As a rule, the pressure at 12-13 bar should be here. To make sure that the pressure does not deviate, Precont KT 0-16 bar  of ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH was built in. As an evaluating unit the DPA is used, which actuates a warning light when the pressure drops to 7 bar. Under this minimum pressure the correct functioning of the vehicles is not possible.

Thus, a continuous, automatic pressure monitoring and alarm activation is ensured when the pressure drops so that fire engines can be in constant readiness.