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CP 25 Inclined liquid column manometer

CP 25 Inclined liquid column manometer

Kimo's CP 25 inclined liquid column manometer measures slight variations in pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas. It is specially designed for checking clogging of filters in painting booths.

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  • Graduation scale via coloured zones

  • Fast and easy reading

  • Safety reservoir enabling momentaneous overshooting of the scale

  • Comes with two 487 connectors and a bottle of AWS.10 liquid

  • Sensitivity scale for 1 mmCE: 5 mm

CP 25
Differential pressure 0-25 mmCE
Parameters Differential pressure
Manometer type Inclined liquid column manometer
Manometric liquid AWS 10 red oil, density 0.87 at 15°C
Maximum static pressure 6 bars
Reservoir capacity 20 ml
Wall-mounted With or without white PVC support
Length 152 mm
Width 15 mm
Height 76 mm
Min -30.00 °C
Max 60.00 °C