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Flowcont LN

Flowcont LN

Compact magnetic inductive flowmeter

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Function description

The Flowcont® LN is featured especially by his backlight illuminated display. 

Many features can be set by the user:

  • contrast
  • configurable display
  • character size
  • number of lines
  • resolution of the display (number of fractional digits)

In the multiplex mode different display settings can be preconfigurated, that can be activated in succession.

The "SensorMemory", that is integrated in the sensor, makes the control of the assignment of measuring sensor and measuring transmitter unnecessary.

After power on the auxiliary power the sensor data and the measuring place specific parameter will be loaded automatically. Thus, errors will be eliminated, the inauguration goes faster and safer and avoids problems.

Diagnosis functions monitors the functionability of the Flowcont FN and the engineering of the process. The limit values of the diagnosis parameter can be set in the operation field. At exceeding this limit values an alert occurs. For further analysis the diagnosis data can be read out by a modern infrared interface. This allows a higher productivity and avoids downtimes. The state messages are classified corresponding to the requirements of NAMUR NE107.

In the case of an error in the display a diagnosis dependent message, that makes the error elimination much easier and faster. This offers a maximum safety in the process.

    The Flowcont® LN offers a wide range of process connection, nominal diameters and high resistive coating up to 180°C
  • The new measuring sensor has a short response time due to his high exciting frequency
  • Due to modern filtering technologies the measuring and interfering signals can be separated exactly. This allows a highly precise measuring also at difficult conditions
  • Selfcleaning electrodes with double sealing guarantees a high reliability of the flow meter
  • Due to the grating strengthened coating in PFA the device is vacuum stable and can be used up to 180°C
Application description

A fast and easy change of the factory preset parameter allows the operation friendly display and the sensor keys - without opening the housing. The "Easy-Up" function guides the unpracticed user step by step fast and safe through the configuration.

The permissible range of the respective parameter is indicated in the display and unpermitted inputs are rejected. The softkey functionality supports operator kindness and makes the handling easy and simple - like those of a modern mobile phone.