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GM-600 / GM-620

GM-600 / GM-620

Operation and evaluation software for water level sensors Hydrolog® and data transmission modules

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  • easy to install
  • Intelligent user management to prevent manipulation
  • simple software design
  • Operating system: Windows 98/98SE, NT, 2000, XP
  • Data archiving, analysis and presentation
  • for Hydrolog® 1000/3000 and GSM-3000
  • Level hydrographs for comparison superposable
  • Export data to Excel, ASCII, Wiski
  • Hydras 3 and customer-specific
  • Intelligent alarm management for alarms 8 + hysteresis
  • Password-protected data storage, free multi-user installation
Application description

The device manager family GM-600 and GM-620 are used for parameterization and data retrieval, the level probe type Hydrolog® and data transmission modul GSM -3000. Data management, measurement graphics, export and archiving of measured values ??are also possible.


GM-600 is a version primarily for use on PC and laptops (Windows 2000) to run with the Windows operating system.

The GM-620 is specifically designed for use in Pocket PCs, but also mobile phones, with the NETFramework eg Windows Mobile (5.0 +) to work. By automatic functions the retrieval of the measuring points and the way to export the data independently are possinle. When you export the data, the measured values are ??in Excel, txt, but also cross-vendor formats such as WISKI / SODA (KISTERS).