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Hydrocont B

Hydrocont B

Hydrostatic fill level sensor Hydrocont® B

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  • Level sensor for water and waste water Ø 40mm

  • 4-20 mA - output, optional temperature measurement Pt100, dry capacitive measurement system + over voltage protection

  • Continuous fill level measurement in reservoirs, clarification basins, deep wells and boreholes

  • Various materials selectable for sensor, cable and gaskets, therefore the use in various media is possible

  • Fill level measurement at containers that are outside and can be flooded

  • Very stable special cable with steel mesh and pressure compensation capillary

  • Double insulation prevents water getting inside even with external damage

  • Food and drinking water suitable materials

  • High-precision dry capacitive ceramic measuring cell

  • Process connection for hygiene applications available

  • Easy setup and connection to existing control systems

Application description

The device Hydrocont® B with integrated analogue evaluation electronic is a compact sensor for continuous measurement of fill levels in liquid media.

This includes e.g. the registration of levels in reservoirs, clarification basins, deep wells etc., but also the fill level measurement in closed containers.

For applications, where food or drink water suitability is necessary, a corresponding put in variant can be ordered.

The excellent characteristics like highest strength against pressure and pressure blows, high resistance against chemicals and corrosion, very good insensitiveness against temperature shocks and EM interference, highest accuracy and long term stability and also low influence of temperature makes it possible to use the sensor in all containers for liquid medium like water, waste water, solvents, oil, sludge, grease, cleaning agents, etc. In addition to the level measurement the temperature of the medium can be measured by a Pt100 resistor, that is integrated in the sensor.

Function description

The sensor of the fill level measurement system Hydrocont® B is sunken down into the medium by the carrying cable and a suitable fastening, e.g. cable clamp fixing, screw plug or connection housing with process connection. The sensor can be alternatively directly mounted into the wall of the medium container by using a corresponding process connection.

The medium contacts directly the ceramic membrane of the sensor without using a pressure mediator liquid and causes there a deflection of the membrane because of the hydrostatic pressure of the medium.

At the maximum deflection the membrane contacts a robust ceramic carrier and because of this, the membrane come through over pressure of e.g. 40-times of nominal load at a sensor with a pressure range of 0...100 mbar without damage. The fill level proportional pressure signal of the ceramic membrane is measured by the integrated analogue electronic and converted into a output current signal of 4...20mA or into a pulse frequency modulated current signal (PFM) of 90-520 Hz.

The measurement signal range is fix adjusted by factory and cannot be adjusted by the customer. Because of this there are many different standard measurement ranges available. Additionally to this, the factory provided adjustment can be carried out by customer specification.

The output signal can be provided with an optional damping, e.g. to compensate wave movements due to mixing machines. To include the damping in the sensor, make a special note in the order.

Optionally a temperature dependent resistor Pt-100 in 3-wire-technic can be integrated in the sensor. By using this temperature measurement resistor a temperature measurement of the fill medium with removing the lead resistance can be realized in parallel. When using a wall housing a Pt-100 transmitter that is adjusted by customer specification can be integrated in this housing.

The sensor of the fill level measurement system Hydrocont® B can furthermore equipped with an integrated over voltage protection, that protects the measuring system from destruction by e.g. atmospheric influences.

Technichal data


Output:  signal 4-20 mA 2-wire
Permitted supply voltage: 11.5 V to 45 V DC for Ex version 11.5 V to 30 V DC
Ripple: ≤ 2 Vpp (condition: within the permitted supply voltage range)
Temperature deviation: ≤ 0.1% / 10 K of the nominal measurement range
Accuracy: ≤ 0.1% / 0.2% of nominal measurement range (see order code)
Calibration deviation: ≤ 0.05% of the nominal measurement range
Long term drift: ≤ 0.1% / year of nominal measurement range
Supply voltage influence: ≤ 0.02% / 10V of nominal measurement range
Resolution: infinite, because analog measurement electronics
Delay time output: T90 < 100us
Surge protection: Max signal voltage: 30V (peak value; to ground)
Nominal discharge current: 2 500A (wave 8/20μS)
Temperature-measuring resistance: Pt100 class B 3-wire connection
    0 ° C - Deviation + / - 0.30 K
    End point error + / - (0.30 K + 0.005 K per K DT0 ° C)
    (Optional built-in wall mounting case Pt100 - Transmitter type
    e.g. KTM, which is adjusted according to customer specification)
    Suspension Sensor IP68
    End Cap / Connector Housing IP67
    Wall-mounted housing IP65
Membrane Material: AL2O3 96%, High Purity 99.9%
Material slopes Sensor: steel 1.4404
Cap material: steel 1.4404
Sealing material: FPM ">®) / EPDM / Neoprene® / Kalrez®
Material connection housing: Polyacetal POM (Delrin), screw steel 1.4404
Material: carrying cable: PE / PUR / FEP / wall-mounted casing: PC / PS
Allowable product temperature: -20°C ... +70°C