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KIGAZ 210 Combustion gas analyser
KIGAZ 210 Combustion gas analyser

KIGAZ 210 Combustion gas analyser

Flexible and accurate, the KIGAZ 210 makes all of your operations simple. It offers a range of configurable measurements according to your requirements, and its icon-based navigation system makes it very easy to use. It accurately measures the main combustion data for domestic boilers up to 400 kW.

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  • Up to 3 interchangeable sensors: O2 LV/CO-H2 /NO/CH4

  • 2 thermocouple K inputs and changeable probe lengths

  • Integrated printer, mobile application, and supplied with calibration certificate

  • Long life O2 sensor and CO sensor protection by solenoid valve

  • Auto-zero in the flue

  • 15 programmed combustibles and LIGAZ-2 software (LOGAZ-2 optional)

  • Kimo's range of combustion gas analysers are ideal for efficiency monitoring and for limiting emissions from all types of boilers.

Units °°C, %, Pa, %vol, ppm, m/s, %LEL
Measuring ranges
Long-life O2 0.00 % ... 21.00 %
CO (with H2 compensation)/td> 0.00 ppm ... 8000.00 ppm
CH4 0.00 ppm ... 10000.00 ppm
CH4 0.00 %vol ... 1.00 %vol
CH4 0.00 %LEL ... 20.00 %LEL
DHW temperature -200.00 °C ... 1300.00 °C
Differential pressure - Draft -20000.00 Pa ... 20000.00 Pa
Parameters Gas detection

Graphical display

IP Protection IP 40
Battery life 10 hours


NF EN 50379-1

NF EN 50379-2

2006/95/EC Low voltage

2011/65/EU RoHS II

2012/19/EU WEEE

Bluetooth® 1
Power Supply Batterie Li-ion 6V 1.5A
Usb Yes
Sensors CH4 CO-H2 Long-life O2 NO
Auto zero Yes
Printer Built-in
Sensor protection CO sensor protection by solenoid valve
Combustion condensate Remote
Mobile application KIGAZ Mobile
Length 331 mm
Width 112 mm
Height 86 mm
Weight 1060 g
Min 5.00 °C °c
Max 50.00 °C °c

Min -20.00 °c
Max 50.00 °c