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Leak detector LD 400-set in a case

Leak detector LD 400-set in a case

LD 400 Leak detector - set in a case

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  • The set includes a robust impact-proof transportation case which contains all necessary components and accessories.

LD 400 Set consisting of:
  • LD 400 Leak detector

  • Transport case

  • Sound-proof headset

  • Focus tube with focus tip

  • Battery charger

  • Acoustic trumpet

By means of the comfortable sound-proof headset these noises can be realized even in extremely noisy environments.

Due to a particularly designed acoustic trumpet a better focusing of the acoustic waves is achieved. This acoustic trumpet acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are cushioned and the accurate localization of the leakages is eased even in areas which are difficult to access.

Accessory, not included in the set: Ultrasonic tone generator (Order no. 0554 0103)

The transmitter is positioned in a way that the sound can access the piping system. The ultrasonic signal passes through smallest holes which then can be detected by means of LD 400. Even very small leaks at hatches, doors and windows can be realized.