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LINESPLITTER - Conductor splitter without cable stripping

LINESPLITTER - Conductor splitter without cable stripping


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  • LINESPLITTER was designed by HT to carry out splitting among active Phase, Neutral and PE conductors on single-phase installations powered by 2- or 3-pole cord cables up to 16A absorption. You will be able to take immediate measurements of current by means of clamps/DMMs which would be otherwise impossible without stripping the cable to get access to individual conductors

  • This unit is is powered by 230V mains supply through built-in shuko plug. LINESPLITTER complies with IEC/EN61010-1 standards for electronic equipment. It can be used for CURRENT and AC VOLTAGE measurements on CAT II 240V earthed installations with max load current of 16A.

Conductor splitting without cable stripping  
Mains voltage (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)  
Leakage current on protective conductor  
Measurement of leakage current under RCD mode (L-N)  
Phase current  
10X magnified phase current