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MACROTESTG3 - Advanced multifunction installation tester

MACROTESTG3 - Advanced multifunction installation tester

for verification of electric safety of private and industrial electric systems - CODMETEL: HV005036

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  • All verifications of electric safety provided for by standards IEC/EN61557-1.

  • Advanced Loop Verification of magnetothermal protections, fuses and cable sizes.

  • Earth resistance by voltammetric method with 2 or 3 spots in TT, TN and IT systems, overall earth resistance measurement and with clamp meter T2100 (optional). Ground resistivity.

  • Measurement of electric parameters insingle-phase installations (V,A, W, VAR, VA, PF)

  • Test of RCDs type A, AC, B up to 1A, also with separate clamp jaws with test current up to 10A (with optional accessory RCDX10).

  • Measurement of insulation resistance.

  • Measurement of continuity of protection conductors.

  • Verification of phase sequence (SEQ) and leakage currents.

  • MacrotestG3 is a revolutionary device. Its TFT colour display with capacitive touch-screen allows using this device in a completely new manner.

MacrotestG3 makes available on its display all possible variables to obtain a perfect measurement; your task will only be to “touch” what you really want to measure: then simply leave the rest to Macrotest G3’s micro-processor!

The device complies with all requirements as regards the safety of electric systems: test of RCDs type A, AC also up to 1000 mA and type B; insulation, continuity, earth resistance tests (this also with the aid of the optional clamp T2100).

With the appropriate programming guided by the touch-screen system, this device can test the interruption power, tripping currents, I2t relevant to magneto-thermal switches (MCB) with curves B, C, D, K and fuses type gG and aM!

Insulation with test voltages 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC  
Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA  
Tripping time and current of RCDs type B, A, AC Standard, Selective and Delayed up to 1A  
Tripping time and current of RCDs with separate clamp jaws type B, A, AC Standard, Selective and Delayed up to 10A With optional accessory RCDX10
Non-trip earth resistance  
Earth resistance by voltammetric method  
Resistance of the single earth rods with clamp With optional accessory clamp T2100
Ground resistivity by 4-wire method  
Loop/Line impedance, Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-PE  
Loop/Line impedance, Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-PE With optional accessory IMP57
Measurement of percentage voltage drop on the line  
AUTO test (Non-trip ground resistance, RCD, Insulation) in sequence  
Contact voltage  
Phase sequence  
Leakage current with optional clamp meter  
Measurement of Voltage, Current, Active, Reactive, Apparent Power (1)
Measurement of Cosphi, Power Factor (1)
Voltage and current harmonics up to the 49th with THD 25th
Protection category CAT IV 300V
Measurement of environmental parameters (°C,°F, %RH, Lux)  
Test with remote lead PR400
Help on line on the display  
Internal memory for measured data saving  
Optical/USB serial port for PC connection  
Integrated WiFi connection and compatibility with HTANALYSIS App  
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 222x162x57
Weight in grams (batteries included) 1200

The device can be used with external feelers for measuring environmental parameters such as air temperature/humidity, illuminance (Lux) further to measuring leakage currents, cosphi, power and harmonics, Loop/Line impedance and calculating the assumed short-circuit current with high resolution (0.1mOhm) in TN systems with use of optional accessory IMP57.

Cutting-edge management of measurement with indication, at the end of each safety test, of compliance or non-compliance with requirements with simple symbols OK o NOT OK.

17th edition
CEI 64-8
CEI 64-8 612.2
CEI 64-8 612.3 .4 .5
CEI 64-8 612.6.1
CEI 64-8 612.6.2
CEI 64-8 612.6.3
DPR 462 del 22/10/2001
EMC 2014/30/EU
EMC: IEC/EN61326
LVD 2014/35/EU
VDE 0100