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MIR- 401 | 411 | 421

MIR- 401 | 411 | 421

Universal industrial controller

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Function description

The universal temperature controller MIR-401 | 411 | 421 are suitable for precise ans reasonably priced control applications in all fields of industry. It can be selected between simple ON/OFF control, PID control and motor step control. The actual value signal is connected at a universal input. A second analogue input can be used for heating current measurement or as external set point input. Each MIR-401 | 411 | 421 has 3 process outputs: either only relays or 2 relays plus a universal output, that can be configurated for control of solid state relays, as steady output with current or voltage or as sensor supply.

  • BluePort front interface and BlueControl software
  • Maintenance manager and error list
  • Automatic/manually button
  • Heating current supervision and measurement circuit alarm
  • Timer and programm controller
  • Extended limit value function with memory
  • Type checked acc. to DIN 3440