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Precont TN as front loader and forklift scales
Precont TN as front loader and forklift scales

Precont TN as front loader and forklift scales

Application report

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Mounting and usage

With Precont TN ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM offers a digital pressure gauge, which is predestined for just such applications. The installation is very simple and can be performed by the user themselves at all front loaders and forklifts. The pressure gauge is built in to the pressure line to the lift cylinder. Via the pending hydraulic pressure, the weight of the load is measured. For the calibration of the system, only the attached tool must be set to zero via a TARE function and then a known weight has to be lifted. This weight is entered into the sensor. From this point, the calibration is complete and all raised loads are displayed in kilograms or tonnes. The system can be used both in single and double acting hydraulic systems. The Precont TN is designed for harsh industrial environments and has dirt-insensitive optical keys and a user-friendly, large-area TFT display. Through this display both a plain text-based operation, and a weight indicator in various forms of representation are possible. The display options range from a large digital display with analog bar, to a pressure gauge with superimposed digital value. Even the colors of the display can be changed. The waterproof design of the sensor and the stainless steel housing also allow the use on open platform touts or e.g. in front of the cabin window right on the front loader console. The very high overload resistance of the sensor with a burst pressure of 1200bar and a measurement range of 250 bar ensures maximum safety. The digital Precont TN can also be used not only as a front loader or forklift scale. Conceivable applications are also in connection with the front or rear hydraulics of the tractor  e.g. to determine the loading amount of the fertilizer spreader or the load capacity of the sprayer that are attached to the three-point linkage.

  • Easy self-installation and retrofitting
  • Cost-effective
  • When calibrating only one weighing reference is necessary
  • Simple buoyancy of various tools
  • Large, backlit display
  • Selection of the display in kg, t, or bar
  • High accuracy
  • Display formats can be selected as a pointer, bar or digital value
  • Dust and waterproof, vibration-proof for use in harsh environments
  • Maintenance-free
Front loader and forklift scales

In agricultural and forestry enterprises of all company sizes of, but also in municipal and horticultural facilities, more and more goods and products are loaded and transshipped, which are moved with front loader tractors and forklifts. The interest is growing for already seeing how much weight is currently in the bucket or on the pallet fork when lifting the goods.

Fields of activity
  • Simple amount detection when handling of goods
  • No overloading of vehicles
  • Exact dosage e.g in feed mixtures
  • Amount detection e.g. at substrate introduction in biogas plants
  • Weight detection e.g. for firewood for moisture determination