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Probe SBS

Probe SBS

Rod probe SBS

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  • Conductive rod with plastic thread

  • up to 5 electrodes possible

  • electrical connection via cable


The bar probe SBS is related to the evaluators (eg, SRA-100-U0) is used for level detection and level control in conductive liquids.

Depending on the number of bars and evaluation devices used, different measurement tasks such as Overflow, dry run, two-step control, moisture detection, etc. are realized.

Depending on model selected can include the container wall as a mass, to be implemented to 5 switch points. The ground connection erflogt either directly to the container or conducting a probe rod.

Type in the SBS is the connecting cable already connected and encapsulated in the probe head. Through this encapsulation, the probe is outside of the container completely submersible.

Technichal data

Elektrode rod (medium contact): Stahl 1.4404 (AISI316L) resp. 1.4571 (AISI316Ti) / Hastelloy B bzw. C22 / Titan

Elektrode trod isolation (medium contact): PA / ETFE resp. E-CTFE

Connection housing: POM / PP / PTFE

Cable screw: HOusing PA / Gaskets CR, NBR

Gaskets: Medium contact: Elektrode isolation PA: NBR / Elektrode isolation ETFE resp. E-CTFE: FPM; others: NBR, FPM

Process temperature: Max – 20°C...+100°C

Process pressure max: 10 bar

Protection: IP65 EN/IEC 60529