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Probe SNT

Probe SNT

Rod probe SNT

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  • Conductive rod with plastic thread and socket connection

  • up to 4 electrodes possible

  • electrical connection via DIN 43650


The SNT rod probes are used in conjunction withthe evaluation units(eg,SRA-100-U0) is used for leveldetection and levelc ontrol inc onductive liquids.

Depending on the number of bars and evaluation devices used, different measurement tasks such as Overflow, dry run,two-step control,moisture detection, etc. are realized.

Depending on model selected can include the container wall as a mass,to be implemented to 5 switchpoints.The ground connection goes either directly to the container orconducting ap robe rod.

The electrical connection is made via a plugin type SNT content, thus a rapid assembly and disassembly of the probe or a  repositioning of the indicatorto other probes possible.

Technichal data

Operating pressure: 10 bar

Temperature range: -20°C...100°C

Connection head material: POM / Polypropylen (PP) / PTFE 

Probes material: Edelstahl 1.4571, 1.4404 / Hastelloy C

Isolation probe rod: Polyamid / E-CTFE