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Pt-100 - series

Pt-100 - series

Universal temperature sensor for virtually all process conditions

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Application description

Fundamentals of ACS Universal resistance thermometer are standardized, high-quality platinum RTDs of a nominal resistance of 100 ohms at 0 ° C, tolerance classes A, B, 1/3B (AA) - in accordance with DIN EN / IEC 60751st.


ACS Pt100 probes have a high accuracy and reproducibility are ??extremely reliable.

The sensing elements are embedded in the protective tube with magnesium oxide powder and are sealed hermisch.

Thus, a good heat transfer and vibration protection is achieved.

Standard measuring temperatures are -70 ° C. .. +300 ° C;

High temperature versions +500 ° C / +600 ° C, low-temperature versions, special materials, special process connections and OEM versions are also available.

The given measuring temperature refers to an average temperature at the probe tip.

With cable versions, for example PTS / PTK and Pt100 sensors with connection head, possibly with integrated head transmitter, the respective maximum temperature of the cable, heads, etc. with on-site isolation, use of Pt100 must be considerated.

The measurement speed of the individual Pt100 sensor is highly dependent on operating conditions, the measured medium and the physical dimensions.

The immersion depth should not be less than 50 mm. Please clarify always shorter probe lengths with the ACS staff.

Technichal data

Measuring element: Pt100 platinum resistance element / Pt1000, others on request
Temperature ranges:
    at the measuring tip: -70 ° C. .. +300 ° C
    +500 ° C / +600 ° C and low temperature version on request
Tolerace class: A, B, 1/3B (AA) - in accordance with DIN EN 60751
Signal type:    - 1x Pt100: 2 -, 3 -, 4-wire circuit 
     - 2x Pt100: 2x in 2-wire or 2x 3-wire circuit 
     - 3x Pt100: 3x in 2-wire circuit 
     - Free wire ends to be able to insatll a head transmitter 
     - Head Transmitter, 4 .. 20 mA / 0 .. 10 V output, standard, Ex; others on request
    - Terminal space in aluminum, plastic or stainless steel housing 
     - Fixed connection cable - shielded PTFE, Silicone, PVC, 
       and fiberglass with steel mesh, others on request 
     - Lemo plug system, M12 connector system
Materials (process side):
    - Protection tubes made of seamless stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti) 
     - Flanges, process connections: 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti) 
     - Special materials available on request
Materials (connection side):   
     - Housing: aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene PP, POM polyoxymethylene 
      - Cable material, see "Connection"

PT 100
  • E PTA Standard screw-in resistance thermometer with and without neck tube
  • E PTB Resistance thermometer-contact sensor
  • D PTE Widerstandsthermometer mit Handgriff
  • D PTE Widerstandsthermometer mit Handgriff
  • D PTG Widerstandsthermometer, säure und laugenfest
  • E PTI Dive-in sleeve resistance thermometer with spring-suspended measuring insert
  • E PTK Screw-in resistance thermometer with fix connected cable
  • E PTL screw-in Pt100 for the food industries with flush seal or metal seal
  • D PTM Widerstandsthermometer mit Bajonettverschluss
  • D PTO Widerstandsthermometer für den Lebensmittelbereich mit Standard-Prozessanschlüsse
  • D PTR Raum und Außentemperaturfühler mit Anschlusskasten
  • E PTS Dive-in resistance thermometer
  • D PTU Oberflächenfühler
  • D PTW Luftkanal Widerstandsthermometer
  • D PTZ Widerstandsthermometer mit Flansch und PTFE-Beschichtung; säure- und laugenfest
  • D PTX Widerstandsthermometer für Ex-Bereiche
  • E PTX Resistance thermometer for the use in explosion hazardous areas
Technichal data for Ex-devices

ATEX classes:
    ATEX II 1 G Ex ia II C T6...T1
    ATEX II 1 D Ex iaD 20 Tx°C

Accuracy EN/IEC 60751
Deviation Pt100 class A:
    0°C +/- 0,15 K
    [t]°C +/- (0,15 K + 0,002 K * [t]) with [t] unsigned in K 
Deviation Pt100 class B:
    0°C +/- 0,30 K
    [t]°C +/- (0,30 K + 0,005 K * [t]) with [t] unsigned in K 
Deviation Pt100 Kl. 1/3 DIN B:
    0°C +/- 0,10 K
    [t]°C +/- (0,10 K + 0,0017 K * [t])with [t] unsigned in K 
Deviation PTX:    depends on accuracy class; Pt100 and installation situation 
Protection tube: (medium contact)    Steel1.4404 (AISI 316L) / 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Process connection: (medium contact)    Steel1.4404 (AISI 316L) / 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Neck tube:     CrNi-Steel
Connection housing:
     Stainless steel / aluminum lacquered / PP – polypropylene /
    POM – polyoxymethylene (Delrin®)
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature:     – 40°C...+130°C (limitations see technical manual)
Process temperatures:     limitation by category / temperature class /
     electrical power; see EC-type examination certificate 
     - 50 ° C. .. +400 ° C / 
     High temperature version - 200 ° C. .. +600 ° C 
Process pressure ranges:     depending on the process connection, a maximum of -1 bar ... 60 bar
Degree of protection:
    IP67 DIN EN 60529 type PTX1...
    IP65 DIN EN 60529 type PTX2...