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Sonicont USN4

Sonicont USN4

Ultra sonic fill level sensor Sonicont USN4 - successor Sonicont USN

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  • ultrasonic fill level sensor for liquids and solid materials

  • Wide range of applications

  • Measuring ranges up to 8m in liquids and bulk materials

  • Wide process temperature range –40°C to +85°C

  • High protection class IP65 / IP67

  • Wide environmental temperature range –20°C to +70°C

  • Ceramic front-flush diaphragm

  • Increased accuracy – characteristic deviation ≤ 0,2% of measuring range

  • Integrated evaluation electronic: Graphic display, keyboard / 4x PNP switch output / 1x current output 0/4…20mA – voltage output 0…10V / Measure data memory for more than 500.000 measuring values / Battery powered data logger function / Bluetooth / Connector plug M12

  • High operating comfort: enclosure and display rotatable for optimal operability in each installation position

  • High contrast high brightness TFT-LCD display for best readability

  • 3-key operation without additional assistance with tactile feedback

Application description

The device is an electronic level transmitter / level switch for monitoring, control as well as continuous measurement of filling levels in liquids, pastes and coarse bulk materials.


Additional application fields are volume or flow measurement.


The software was optimized and extended by a new algorithm. The Sonictrack is a better algorithm for the detection of ultrasonic signals, so that interference signals e.g. agitators etc. can be recognized even better and thus a safe operation can be ensured.


Due to the device construction with measuring ranges of 2m / 5m / 8m, process temperatures from –40°C to +85°C and process materials PVDF / CrNi-steel / EPDM as well as the availability of extensive equipment and functionality predefined vessel types for fast commissioning, predefined linearization curves for volume and flow measurement, integrated error signal suppression for adaption the installation situation, integrated compensation of the process temperature, limit value function for two-point control, pump control function, impulse output function for quantity counter and error indication function for error monitoring the device is especially suitable for the use for level and volume measurement and flow measurement at open channels and measuring weirs for water and waste water sector, process industry, environmental technology, storage tanks, storage bunkers, silos.


The device is suitable for demanding measuring requirements. 


Due to its high accuracy and the high flexibility of configuration, the device can be suited a wide variety of applications.


The robust design and the high-quality workmanship turns the device into a very high quality product, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect, whether low temperatures when used outdoors, high shock and vibration or aggressive media.


A captive laser marking of the type label ensures the identifiability throughout the entire lifetime of the device.


Obviously is the optional marking of a measurement point designation resp. TAG, a customer label or of a neutral type label, of course also per laser marking.


A LABS-free resp. silicone-free version, a factory calibration with calibration certificate and a customer specific configuration resp. preset is also optionally available like a material test certificate EN10204 3.1 or factory certifications for drink water resp. food suitability. Customer specific special versions can be realized on request, e.g. software adaption (menu navigation, special functions, etc.), changed terminal assignment resp. connector orientation, design adaption of the user surface, special designs for the process connection.


For measurements in liquids and bulk solids, non-contact level measurement with ultrasound is a proven and cost-effective method. The lack of contact with the medium ensures a long service life and thus a permanently reliable measurement.

Technichal data

Supply voltage:<> Setting output 0/4...20 mA: 9..30 VDC, reverse polarity protected; Setting output 0…10 V: 14..30 VDC, reverse polarity protected
Supply current:<> ≤ 50mA up to ≤ 100mA (depending on output, bluetooth ON/Off, US)
Start-up time:<> ≤ 1s
Operating range:<> Analogue output – current 0…20mA IOut: 0…20,5mA, max. 22mA; Analogue output – current 4…20mA IOut: 3,8…20,5mA, min. 3,6mA, max. 22mA; Analogue output – voltage 0…10V UOut: 0 ... 10,5 V, max. 11 V

Switch output PNP S1 / S2 / S3 / S4
<> PNP switch to +L
Output current:<> 0… ≤ 200mA<> current limited, short circuit protected

Measuring accuracy
Characteristic deviation:
<> ≤ ±2mm or ±0,2% of set measuring range
Long term drift:<> ≤ ± 0,1% FS / year<> not cumulative
Temperature deviation:<> ≤ ±0,006% FS / K

Process connection:<> Steel 1.4404/316L / Steel 1.4571/316Ti
Gaskets:<> EPDM – ethylene-propylene-dienmonomere
Terminal enclosure:<> CrNi-steel
Control panel surface:<> PES
Electrical connection part:<> Device plug PUR
Pressure compensation element:<> Acrylic copolymer
Gaskets:<> FPM – fluorelastomere (e.g. Viton®)

Environmental conditions
Environmental temperature:
<> – 20°C...+70°C 
Process temperature:<> -40...+85°C
Process pressure:<> -0,3…2 bar
Protection:<> IP65/IP67  EN/IEC 60529