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SRA 100

SRA 100

Conductive electrode relay SRA-100-U0

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  • Electrode relay to connect conductive sensors

Application description

The electrode relay SRA-100-U0 works in conjunction with conductive probes as a level limit switch or  a control in conductive liquids such as water, alkalis and acids. While a low voltage according to VDE 0100 Section 410 stands at the electrodes of about 9V, thereby touching the probes is completely safe.

As soon as the electrically conductive filling builds a connection between mass and eg the maximum electrode, a small alternating current flows which is implemented in the evaluation in a relay output.

As mass with metal vessel the wall of the vessel can be used, or an electrode with non-metallic container.

The use of AC avoids the corrosion of the probe rods and electrolytic destruction of the product.

The device can be used with latching relay, Min and Max switching point work, as well as a double level detectors, with two separate outputs.

As a result, the number of applications, such as overflow, dry run protection, two-point control, moisture detection, etc. can be realized.

Via a coarse and fine tuning teh sensitivity can be adjusted on the conductivity of the liquid. With the adjustable trigger delay to approximately 8 seconds, possibly undulations in the container are hidden.

As further details the SRA-100-U0 offers a line break monitoring with fault relay and a wide range power supply of 20 ... 253V AC / DC.

Technichal data

Permitted supply voltage: 20 .. 253 V AC / DC 48th .. 62 Hz

Power consumption: ≤ 3.5 VA / 1.3 W

Isolation Voltage: 4kV ~ auxiliary power from relay outputs to signal inputs

Contact rating: max U ~ 250 V AC, I ~ 10 A AC, P ~ 2500 VA maximum

Level Detector: One or two level electrodes with a common reference electrode

Range: ≤ 1kΩ 1mS/cm or ≥ / ≤ 10k or ≥ 100μS/cm /

  ≤ 200kΩ or ≥ 5μS/cm

Line monitoring: only with stand or sensors with built-in module LBM

Housing: housing, 22.5 mm wide