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Thermocont ST

Thermocont ST

Digital Pt100 temperature sensor with 2-wire- or 3-wire-technology


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  • Temperature range -100°C to +500°C, free adjustable
  • Rugged design - maintenance free
  • Electronic rotateable by 330 degree
  • 2-wire 4...20mA or 3-wire 0...10V technology
  • 2 PNP switching outputs
  • 4-digit LED display
  • Fast adjustment by key combination or menue guided adjustment by LED display
  • Password protection
  • Certification for the use in explosive hazardous areas
Application description

The device Thermocont® ST with integrated digital evaluation electronic is a compact sensor for measuring and monitoring of temperatures in the range from -100°C up to +500°C.

Because of the integrated four digit digital display and two implemented PNP-switching outputs, separate evaluation and display devices are not necessary in most cases.

Function description

Through the resistor Pt100, that is implemented in the sensor, flows a constant current.

This current leads to a voltage drop, that becomes higher or lower, dependent on the measured medium temperature. The resistance proportional signal that is produced at the Pt100 is recorded from a processor with high resolution, linearized and adjusted according to the settings and converted in to a high resolution output signal of 4...20mA or 0...10V.

By using 3 keys and an LED display the sensor measurement range, a zero correction in the range of -25,0 K to +25,0 K (e.g. for extraction of dissipation's in the measurement signal that is produced through the container wall), the PNP-switching outputs and the damping can be adjusted or the behaviour in the case of failure and the release of the fast adjustment can be set.

The switching state of the two PNP-switching output is signalled by one LED for every output.

Technische Daten

Ausgang Varianten A/B :    4..20mA, 2-Draht, Profibus PA

Ausgang Varianten E/F:    0...10 V, 3-Draht

Zulässige Speisespannung:    Variante A/B/E/F:    14,5 V bis 45 V DC

Restwelligkeit:    ≤ 2 Vss

Abweichung Pt100:    Klasse A:     0°C; ± 0,15K

    Klasse B:    0°C; ± 0,30K

    Klasse AA (vormals 1⁄ 3 B):    0°C; ± 0,10K

Kennlinienabweichung:    ≤ ± 0,2K

Auflösung:    besser 1 µA bzw. 0,5 mV  (16 Bit = 65536 Stufen)

Verzögerungszeit Ausgang:    bei Dämpfung 1   T90 typ. 260 ms, max. 310ms

Einstellbereich Dämpfung:    0,3...30 Sekunden / 100 Stufen

Schaltausgänge (S1 / S2):    2xPNP-schaltend auf +VS

Ausgangsstrom:    > 250 mA, strombegrenzt, kurzschlussfest Schutzart    IP67

Werkstoff Fühlerrohr:    Stahl 1.4404 (AISI 316L) / 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)

Werkstoff Prozessanschluss:    Stahl 1.4404 (AISI 316L) / 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)

Werkstoff Anschlussgehäuse:    CrNi-Stahl / PBT / PP / POM

Werkstoff Anschlusskabel:    PE - Polyethylen

Prozesstemperatur:    -100°C...+200°C/-100°C...500°C

Umgebungs-, Lagertemperatur:    -40°C...+85°C