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Thermocont TS4S

Thermocont TS4S

Temperaturesensors and -transmitters Pt100 with self-monitoring

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  • Wide range of applications
  • Wide process temperature range –99,9°C to +500°C
  • High process pressure tightness up to 100 bar
  • Wide variety of process connections 
  • High protection class IP65 / IP67
  • Wide environmental temperature range –40°C to +85°C
  • Long term stable temperature sensor platinum Pt100 class A – DIN EN60751
  • Increased process safety and cost saving by self-supervising measuring system  
  • High accuracy – characteristic deviation ≤ 0,5% of measuring range
  • Integrated evaluation electronic: Digital display, function LED’s, keyboard / 2x PNP switch output / 1x current output 4…20mA / Connector plug M12
  • High operating comfort: enclosure and display rotatable for optimal operability in each installation position
  • Robust high brightness LED display for best readability
  • 3-key operation without additional assistance with tactile feedback

The devices of the series Thermocont® TS4 with integrated digital evaluation electronic are compact temperature switches for monitoring, regulation and continuous measuring process temperatures from -99,9°C to +500°C in gases, steams, liquids and dusts in all industrial application fields at process pressures of up to 60 bar.

Suitable for general applications in

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration plant engineering
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Process industry
  • Environmental technology
Function description

At the single channel temperature switch Thermocont® TS4S the recording of the process temperature is made by a resistive temperature sensor element Pt100 of class A.

This allows a precise and long term stable temperature measurement.

At the dual channel temperature switch Thermocont® TS4D the recording of the process temperature is made in parallel by a resistive temperature sensor element Pt100 of class A and also by a semiconductor temperature sensor KTY.

Because of the parallel measurement with two different thermal coupled sensor elements (Pt100 and KTY) the temperature switch detects drifts of one sensor and errors at the temperature measurement automatically with high safety.

At the failure of one of the two sensor elements the temperature measurement can be also continued with the second element, what realizes a redundancy function.

The recorded temperature of the respective temperature sensor is transformed into an electrical signal that is recorded and processed in high resolution by a processor.

The PNP switching output resp. outputs are driven according to the respective settings.

When using the analogue signal current output the recorded temperature signal is adjusted according to the settings and transformed into a high resolution output signal of 4...20mA.

By 3 sensor keys and the four digit LED display all settings for the pnp output resp. outputs,the display and also the analogue output can be set resp. adjusted.

Technichal data

Supply voltage: 10,5…35VDC, reverse polarity protected
Supply current: ≤ 60mA Analogue output max. 22,5mA, Switch output with no load

Switch output S1 / S2
: PNP switch to +L
Output current: 0… ≤ 200mA current limited, short circuit protected

Analogue output 4...20mA
Operating range: 
3,9…21mA, min. 3,8mA, max. 22mA
Permitted load: ≤ (US - 10,5V) / 20mA
Start-up time: ≤ 1 ms

Measuring accuracy
Characteristic deviation
: Display / Switch output: ≤ ±0,6% FS
Current output: ≤ ±0,9Kat ±100°C
Type self-supervision: Display / Switch output: ≤ ±0,2K / Current output: ≤ ±0,4K / Drift monitoring: ≤ ±0,2K
Long term drift: ≤ ± 0,1% FS / year
Temperature deviation: Display / Switch output: ≤ ±0,003% FS/ K / Current output: ≤ ±0,008% FS/ K Materials
Sensor tube
: (process wetted) Steel 1.4404/316L / Steel 1.4571/316Ti
Process connection: (rocess wetted) Steel 1.4404/316L / Steel 1.4571/316Ti
Surface quality: Ra < 0,8μm
Neck tube: CrNi-Steel
Terminal enclosure: CrNi-Steel
Control panel surface: PES
Electrical connection part: Device plug PUR
Pressure compensation element: Acrylic copolymer
Gaskets: FPM – fluorelastomere (e.g. Viton®) / Type 4 / type 5 process wetted: FPM – fluorelastomere (e.g. Viton®) , EPDM – ethylene-propylene-dienmonomere, FDA-listet

Environmental conditions
Environmental temperature
: -40°C...+85°C
Process temperature: depending on type: -99,9°C...+200°C / -99,9°C...+500°C / -50°C...+175°C
Process pressure: depending on type: ≤ 20 bar / ≤ 100 bar / ≤ 50 bar
Protection: IP65/IP67 EN/IEC 60529