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VD 500 - Flow meter for FAD measurement

VD 500 - Flow meter for FAD measurement

VD 500 – Flow meter for FAD measurement

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  • The integrated, precise differential pressure sensor measures the differential pressure/ dynamic pressure at the sensor tip. The pressure depends on the respective gas velocity. The flow is therefore easy to determine by means of the pipe diameter.

  • The additional measurement of temperature and absolute pressure and calculation of the relevant density means that measuring can be carried out for various gases, a wide variety of temperatures and pressures.

Field of application:
  • Measurement downstream of the compressor

  • Measurement at high temperatures

  • Measurement of fast processes

Benefits at a glance:
  • Particularly suitable for extremely high flow rates

  • Extremely fast response time: 100 ms

  • Flow, total consumption, temperature and pressure

  • Measurement at high temperatures, max. temperature 200 °C

  • Measurement in various gases by selecting gas type, on request

  • Can be used in pipes from DN 20 to DN 500

  • Installation via 1/2" ball valve under pressure

  • RS 485 interface (Modbus-RTU), 4...20 mA, pulse output as standard

Typical applications:
  • FAD measurement of compressors

  • Compressed air audits

  • Efficiency measurement of compressed air systems

Installation conditions:
  • Behind proper working water separator

  • In horizontal pipes (recommended) or in vertical pipes